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I Can Give Head
I Can Give Head

What's this all about?

Without preamble: this is a site directed at women who want to be really good at going down on men. If you're not interested in men sexually, or not interested in spiffing up your sexual skillset, this website is probably not for you. I had to figure out everything I know about giving head by trial and error; in the pages that follow, you'll find that knowledge spelled out as clearly as I can explain it.

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Most internet reading on this topic is patronizing, or adopts a squishy don't-be-afraid-of-the-dick tone, or is thinly-disguised porn; instead of all that, I have opted for a detailed technical description of what I do and how I do it when I go down. Within you'll find what some consider strong language, and if you're someone who is bothered by words used in reference to the male genitals this might not be the site for you.

You can leave comments on the pages of the tutorial itself, and if they seem constructive I'll approve them for posting.

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